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Owner: Madeleine Khoshab, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14, UK 




For centuries and in cultures all over the world, ancients perceived crystals as being sacred and magical and were experts in their use, working with the natural wisdom of these crystal vibrations.

These mysterious natural resources carry a powerful vibrational energy harnessed from the Earth’s core. Wisdom keepers, their vibrations carry guidance, healing, strength, protection and love, evolved from millions of years of the earth’s history beneath the ground we stand upon.

Everything we see, everything we touch, everything we feel emits and carries energy. It’s no wonder that these gems of the earth each carry an extraordinary energy and unique healing vibration.

HOOF & PAW's crystals have been carefully hand selected and paired with essential oils to harness and enhance the magic in your life.


Rose Quartz promotes love of all kinds. Attracting and enhancing loving energy such as romance, self love, mother love, friendship and kindness.

In existing relationships it restores trust, harmony and encourages the sharing of unconditional love.

Rose Quartz draws off negative energy, replacing it with loving vibes. It helps to heal the heart from any trauma, grief and heart break. 


When placed over your heart chakra, Rose Quartz can help heal emotional wounds and infuse loving energy into your heart. 

Place by your bed or in the relationship corner of your home to draw love towards you. This is the furthest right corner from your front door. 

Leave under moonlight or sunlight for a few hours. 



Heart Chakra 


'I am loved' 

'I hold an abundance of love for myself and those all around.'

I attract love of the highest good into my life' 

My heart is filled with peace' 


Citrine carries the power of the sun. Energising and uplifting, its' energy awakens the mind and stirs the soul into action. 

Citrine is a positive stone, which draws out a positive attitude in its' wearer. Encouraging confidence and higher self esteem. 

Citrine attracts abundance and prosperity. 


Wear in contact with the skin to feel confident and optimistic. 

Place in the wealth corner of your home or business. The wealth corner is the farthest back left point from your front door. 

You can also keen citrine in your cash tin or wallet. 

Citrine never needs cleansing, it absorbs and grounds negative energy. 


Solar Plexus


'My life is filled with light, joy and enthusiasm


'I am open to receive abundance and success'


'I am confident and centred 



Balanced, calm and peaceful.


Amethyst reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

Amethyst protects against negative energies. 

Excellent for use in meditation. When used, it clears your mind into a tranquil state. 

Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts 


Sleep with an Amethyst beside your bed or under your pillow to attract a restful sleep and keep any nightmares at bay. 

Wear or hold to dispel of any anxiety or stress. 

Keep in any room or mantle piece to attract a calm and peaceful environment. 

Can be placed on your third eye to enhance meditation

 To recharge your Amethyst, leave under the moonlight or hold under running water, setting the intention for any negative energy to be washed away and crystal re-energised. 

Do not place in the sunlight as Amethyst can fade in the sun. 


Third Eye -

Wisdom & Intuition 

Crown -  

Clarity & Connection 


'My mind, body and soul are relaxed'

I exhale worry and inhale peace'

I am safe, secure and connected' 



A relatively new gemstone, Sodalite was originally discovered in Greenland in 1809.


Its' energy emits inspiration, creativity, focus and clear communication.

Sodalite gemstones bring about a "glass half full" perspective to any situation.


Sodalite is also known as the 'poets stone' due to it's ability to enhance positive communication, a negativity filter and positive thought process which is all key for writers.


Using Sodalite can open and balance the flow of energy through your throat chakra. 


Meditation with this stone will release any negative thoughts/emotions and open your mind for inspration and the confidence to implement it. Focus on the stone and flame in your candle (or hold once cleaned) and imagine all toxins leaving your body and only goodness entering your body. This is also a great time to use your affirmations.


You can carry this crystal with you, in your pocket or close to your skin (wear it). 

Place next to computer or any electronic machines to get rid of any electromagnetic pollutants. 

To recharge your Sodalite, leave under moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.  You can also hold the crystal in your hands. Imagine bright white light beaming from the crystal and hold the intention that all negativity will dissipate into the light and the crystal be re-energised. 


Throat Chakra - Communication & Expression 


'I express myself with confidence'

'Inspiration flows through me with clarity'

'I am focused and determined'

'I release any toxins and invite positive energy only'