Based in Oxfordshire, the collection is designed and created by Madeleine Khoshab.

Inspired from a trip to Australia, Madeleine fell in love with it's energy and longed to be able to package it up and take it home.  Since returning back to the UK in 2016 an ambition was born of creating a completely natural product which could not only capture positive energy but have the ability to release it into our spaces.


 A one way ticket booked and Australia on the horizon, Madeleine met Chris, the man of her dreams just 3 days before taking flight. After a whirlwind three days and determined to make it work, the many hours of Skype conversations turned into wonderments. 'If you could be any animal what would you be?....' 

A Unicorn and a Wolf were of course excellent choices but they'd have to walk hoof in paw. 

With Madeleine in Australia and Chris in the UK, Chris bought two stars and named one HOOF and the other PAW. He told her "no matter where we are in the world, no matter how lonely or far apart, just look up into the stars and know I'm always with you"

You could say the name was ...written in the stars!


Crystals have been used for centuries and in cultures all over the world to enhance balance and positivity into our lives. Everything we can see and feel has an energy so it’s no wonder that crystals, being millions of years old have extraordinary energy with each one emitting a unique vibration.
HOOF & PAW’s essential oils have been carefully selected to compliment the hand selected crystals used to enhance it’s “magic” into your life.


Non- toxic and made of vegetable oil, soy is not only better for the environment but much healthier for ourselves and those around us.


Only natural essential oils are used in HOOF & PAW candles
Essential oils are naturally occurring substances found in different parts of plants. Research on aroma reveals that we respond emotionally more to smell than to any of our other senses. Because of this, aromatherapy enables us to benefit from the special properties of pure essential oils.



Any queries email Madeleine at:  contacthoofandpaw@gmail.com